How do I use this website?

That's a question you could answer - how do you use this website?

How do you think I should use this website?


YMath is a collection of self-paced "crash courses" in high school math. They're structured like interactive articles that you can read while solving practice problems.

It's recommended that you go in order for each course, and not do them all at once. Spend one day doing one lesson, and any practice problems attached/on the next page.

If you're not sure whether you need to do a lesson, give the practice problems a shot - they work like skip tests, too!

I understood the lesson, should I still do the practice problems?

Short answer: Yes!

Long Answer:

Usually, a lesson covers only conceptual knowledge and fails to give you some "common sense" in the topic. That's what the practice problems are for. For example, the lesson might teach you how to multiply using repeated addition, but the practice problems would teach you your multiplication tables.

That way in the next lesson, when you're asked "What is 8⋅8?", you say "64" instead of "Wait while I add 8 to itself 8 times."

Why are you writing courses? Don't you have anything better to do?

Course writing is a way to lock in things you learn so that you'll never forget them. And if you end up forgetting anyways, you can relearn it from the course you wrote!

Every time I finish learning something, I write a course on it.

You can do it too!

If you feel you're proficient in a topic I haven't included on this site, send me a sample course at saumyasmathtutoring@gmail.com and we can work on getting your content on here, with your name or pen-name on it.

Who are you, anyways?

Whoa! I completely forgot to introduce myself!

My name is Saumya Singhal, and I'm a high schooler with a strong interest in math, coding, and web development.

I learn best when I'm trying to use knowledge that I don't have, so I built this website from scratch with the intention of learning the basics of HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Now I know them like the back of my hand!

I found a bug...

... and I want to fix it

Wow, thanks! Fork and submit a pull request on the Github repository, and be sure to explain what you are fixing, and what the problem was.

... and I want to tell you!

Open a new issue on the Github repository, and explain exactly what the bug is. Screenshots will always make it 2x clearer. Thank you!

If you have a question that is not answered here, email me at saumyasmathtutoring@gmail.com and I'll do my best to get back to you.

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